TrafficData Air

TrafficData Air
Getting data for creation
and verification of transport models

Traffic analysis and definition software
traffic parameters on video from quadcopters


TrafficData Air
Boxed and cloud solution

What is TrafficData Air?

The traffic estimation and applied calculation software is intended for companies that conduct a large number of traffic surveys using quadcopters.
The product is used to process videos taken from drones or high buildings> 150m at an angle close to 90.

Do the parameters of DD correspond to the order of the Ministry of Transport 479?

All determined parameters of DD meet the requirements of the Order of the Ministry of Transport 479.

What is the difference between boxed and cloud versions?

The boxed version is deployed on the client's server, which guarantees local data storage, independence from the cloud server load and no delays in data transmission over the Internet. It is paid once and the number of processing minutes is unlimited.

TrafficDatta Air Billing powered by TrafficData cloud servers. Allows you to work with any laptop. The processing speed depends on the workload of the TrafficData cloud servers and requires additional. Internet video transmission costs. Paid by the minute.



Product features

Number of cars

Определяет количество автомобилей по направлениям движения

Instant speed

Counts the instantaneous vehicle speed

Queue length

Calculates the length of the auto-stream queue


Builds heat maps based on speed, intensity and difficulty of movement

Excel data, csv and json

Uploads data to Excel, csv and json, as well as tables by order 114

Traffic flow analysis with TrafficData


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  • Payment after delivery
  • No server needed - all calculations are on our servers
  • Regular software updates
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Annual subscription
  • Payment annually
  • Available 30,000 min
  • Saving traffic: data processing is performed on the client's computer
Local version
Price on request
  • One-time payment
  • Unlimited time
  • Stream video recognition mode available
  • Free software updates
  • Any number of jobs

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