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TrafficData Land
Monitoring solution
road traffic

Traffic analysis and definition software
traffic parameters based on video from ground cameras


TrafficData Land
Boxed and cloud solutio

What is TrafficData Land?

Software for determining all traffic parameters from video recordings from CCTV cameras.
TrafficData Land has the ability to upload video to the queue and automatically process the "mask" of the sections, which simplifies and speeds up the work. Add the ability to automatically count lines by mask. It's comfortable
for those who have many cameras, but the frequency of analysis is low (for example, once a quarter, to fulfill the order of the Ministry of Transport for monitoring urban roads). This version works with recordings from cameras from different angles (except for the top view).

Do the parameters of DD correspond to the order of the Ministry of Transport 479?

All determined parameters of DD meet the requirements of the Order of the Ministry of Transport 479.

What is the difference between boxed and cloud versions?

TrafficData Land is interesting for those who count pedestrian traffic. In the future, it will be possible to create a full-fledged monitoring system for building correspondence matrices using license plate recognition technology.

A version of the TrafficData product, similar to LAND BOX, with the only difference that processing (detection and classification) takes place on our server. Suitable for companies conducting irregular surveys (marketing, transport) of various unit volumes. The total volume of video should be small, about 8000 minutes per year.

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Product features

Number of cars

Determines the number of cars along the driving directions


Identifies pedestrians

Queue length

Calculates the length of the auto-stream queue

Average speed

Determines the average speed of the vehicle on the site

Excel data, csv and json

Uploads data to Excel, csv and json, as well as tables by order 114

Traffic flow analysis with TrafficData


5 minutes for free on all tariffs .

  • Payment after delivery
  • No server needed - all calculations are on our servers
  • Regular software updates
Popular Choice
Annual subscription
  • Payment annually
  • Available 30,000 min
  • Saving traffic: data processing is performed on the client's computer
Local version
Price on request
  • One-time payment
  • Unlimited time
  • Stream video recognition mode available
  • Free software updates
  • Any number of jobs

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