TrafficData began to be used in Brazil


TrafficData began to be used in Brazil

In the state of Goiás in Brazil, software for the analysis of traffic flow, created by designers from the Perm region, was introduced. The high-tech product, which interested the representatives of the South American country, was developed by a company from Perm, TrafficData.

TrafficData monitoring cars on the roads of Goiânia, the capital of a territory with a population of 1.5 million people. The collection of traffic flow parameters for setting traffic lights is carried out by Pazini.

In July, the Brazilians acquired access to the development of traffic analysis of cars based on video from quadcopters – TrafficData Air. In the final stage of negotiations, Perm developers with their IT start-up bypassed the main competitor – the Czech giant company GoodVision.

At the same time, the Permians increased from 85% to 92% the accuracy of neural networks for detecting cars and trucks, motorcycles, road trains, and buses. Moreover, over the past six months, TrafficData software has begun to be used in Israel, Uzbekistan, and Belarus.

It should be noted that support for high-tech companies in the Kama region and assistance in their entry into new markets is one of the priority areas of the regional authorities. Governor of the Perm Territory Dmitry Makhonin noted the competitiveness of Perm IT companies. According to him, the high-tech products produced by regional enterprises make it possible to move towards import substitution, develop their own competencies and increase the recognition of Prikamye in the information technology market. “Perm companies have great potential, and they may well compete with foreign manufacturers. In this we will provide them with full support, “- said Dmitry Makhonin.

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