History of the company

History of the company

Ivan Andreevich Chebykin General Director of TrafficData
Ivan Andreevich Chebykin
General Director of TrafficData

For 12 years I was an engineer-designer of transport structures in one of the largest design institutes in Russia, I was very interested in designing bridges. I was lucky enough to take part in all the largest construction projects in our country: The largest cable-stayed bridge on about. Russian in Vladivostok, bridges in Olympic Sochi, Crimean bridge, international bridge connecting Russia and China in Blagoveshchensk. I believed that my profession was designed to bring together distant spaces, places, people. In my projects, I have always looked at my structures as something that can help people become more mobile.

However, it often turned out that the bridge that I created was magnificent from the point of view of engineering, but it was not built where it was needed, and it did not fulfill its purpose.

After reflecting on this, I decided to find the cause of this phenomenon. Why does our state spend so much money, time and effort on constructions that are actually not needed by anyone?

It turned out not to be corruption, as many now think. Everything turned out to be much simpler. Before starting the construction of a structure, transport surveys are carried out and, on the basis of the data obtained in the course of these surveys, transport models are built in which a place for a particular structure is selected, its parameters are assigned.

So the problem was in these very data, which were still collected manually. It took a lot of time, effort and money to obtain information about traffic flows, but it was still incomplete and not always reliable. In addition, surveys were conducted at a specific time interval and did not provide a complete understanding of the daily / weekly / annual distribution cycles.

It came as a surprise to me that the result of the work of a huge number of people is depreciated only due to the fact that the process of collecting data on traffic flow has not been properly organized until now. And this is in the age of artificial intelligence and machine vision.

Thus, the idea was born to create software that could analyze a transport stream from video images.

I assembled a team of young and ambitious computer vision software development specialists and after six months we created the first TrafficData Air product. This application allows you to analyze the traffic flow from a bird’s eye view. Just at this time, transport surveys were carried out as part of the design of a new bypass road in my hometown of Perm. The surveys were carried out by means of filming from a UAV and subsequent processing of the video with our software. After these studies, it became clear to our customer that the data obtained in this way is much more accurate and less labor is required to obtain them.

We started speaking with our solution at various conferences. Developed the TrafficData Land program, it already analyzes data from video cameras. We began to receive the first orders from design institutes.

At one of the conferences, I heard that it was decided in our country to introduce intelligent transport systems that will help relieve cities from traffic jams, as well as improve road safety. But this requires constant traffic data in real time.

For these purposes, we have developed TrafficData Live. The application receives a video stream from an IP camera, analyzes it in real time and forms a database of traffic parameters. Based on these parameters, adaptive regulation of traffic light objects is implemented, coordination plans are developed, and traffic optimization is carried out.

Now our application is already being used in the GKU TsODD of the Moscow Government. The next target is the entire Russian Federation.

Ivan Andreevich Chebykin
CEO of TrafficData