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Developers from TrafficData received a Russian grant to combat traffic jams


Developers from TrafficData received a Russian grant to combat traffic jams

TrafficData creates an IT system that will monitor traffic of cars and pedestrians in real time. For the development of the project, our developers received a grant of 3 million rubles from the Russian Foundation for the Promotion of Innovation.

New software for traffic analysis will help to get rid of traffic jams in cities with millions of people. The system will receive and analyze data online from thousands of cameras installed on the roads. The development will operate on the basis of machine learning and computer vision.

A continuous stream of data will help city data centers predict the situation on the highways, reduce the number of traffic jams and increase the speed and safety of people’s movement.

“There are services in the world that collect and analyze road traffic. This requires building a whole additional infrastructure. We propose to do this on the basis of an existing network of video surveillance cameras, giving it the analytical functions of our system. This has become possible thanks to the current level of development of computer vision and deep machine learning. It’s just a crime that people in million-plus cities spend hours in traffic jams. And you could be with your family or at work at this time. We will try to fix it,” says Ivan Chebykin, founder of TrafficData.

According to the Drom portal, every fifth driver in Russia spends from 30 minutes to an hour and a half a day in traffic jams. There are 11 Russian cities in the Traffic Index ranking for traffic congestion, while the Moscow agglomeration is the world leader in this indicator, and Novosibirsk is in ninth place.

TrafficData creates professional software for analyzing road traffic. Our products are already used in Russian cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tyumen, as well as Israel, Brazil, Uzbekistan.